3 backticks shortcut for preformatted text not working in pop out chat windows

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I use the 3-backticks shortcut often to speed up the formatting of formatted text.

It seems to work fine in chat from the main teams window, but fails to work with any consistency (or at all) in the pop out chat windows. 

Has anyone else see this behavior? Any hints to a fix?

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Hello @drq883  There is an entry in our Uservoice feedback forum that sounds a lot like your issue.  You might want to check it out and read the comments to see if they can assist you.  https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/33690733-backticks-don-t-work-...


If this doesn't help, let the community know in case someone else has another suggestion.

@drq883 It seems like Microsoft removed this feature.  Can anyone confirm?

@srgibbs99 it looks like you have to type the three backticks, then space, and it will activate the preformatted text box.

The answers referencing microsoftteams.uservoice.com are now pointing to dead links (404 and "This UserVoice instance is no longer available.").


Seems that three back-ticks gives some sort of semi-code block.  looks like the code block used to look, but doesn't preserve leading whitespace so the code is not easily readable :(


You can get a real code block by leaving the keyboard, going to the mouse and opening the edit toolbar (the icon with an A and a pen) and selecting code block and choosing language and by that time you are too annoyed to be able to post the comment - or at least I am!


Nice job, MS: take a useful feature and half-kill it so it's just an irritation but not broken enough that you put time into looking for an alternative.  Then when you find the alternative it's clearly designed for non-coders, which is ideal for a code block.

I've been using Teams on Linux for close to two years and I've concluded that -- like most Microsoft products -- it is targeted at management. It is certainly not intended for programmers, admins, or systems engineers.

I suppose that make some sense to Microsoft since it is management that signs the purchase order.