Custom background option is not showing.

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I am using my school laptop, all my classmates have it, everyone has the exact same laptop, yet I don't. How can I fix this? Please help me.

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Check to see if you have the same version of Teams as your classmates.  You can do this from Teams by clicking your profile at the top right, then choosing About | Version.  


If your version differs, this could be the issue and you can try updating.

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@TheEarthIsFlatI would suggest checking the Teams Version it could be different than other users, besides check on the windows updates...


besides here is the manual way of setting up your custom background if the add new option is not showing...


To manually delete or add virtual backgrounds in Teams:

  1. Launch the File Explorer in Windows and add this location in the address/URL bar and press [Enter]:
  2. From here, you will see the pre-set backgrounds that you have worked with before in Teams. The Uploads folder is where you have your custom virtual backgrounds. So if you got a little bit excited about this option to add your own images and now you’ve changed your mind, you can remove them from the list that displays in the Teams Background settings.
  3. To delete the images you no longer want to work with, open the Uploads folder. Select and delete the images you don’t need. You can also copy in images to this folder as an alternative step for adding custom backgrounds.
  4. Close File Explorer when you’re done.

@TheEarthIsFlat Hi are you joining the Teams meeting via the Teams desktop app or via the web browser?


The custom and blurred background are only available if you use the Teams desktop app in Windows or Mac or via iOS on a mobile.


If you join the meeting another way them it is not available. Please see link for the Team meeting features by platform Meetings and live events - Office Support (

@PDostiyarI have placed a JPEG image inside the "Uploads" folder but it when I click "Apply background effects" the custom ones don't appear.

Now, you don't need that workaround as the latest version of Teams gives you that option during the call to upload new photos/backgrounds images on the go from the same location you select background images.
OMG thanksss sooo much this helped alot thank got for making people like you thankss
you have to leave it close for a while and interact with other apps
I will be happy to do so... keep it open for other ideas....

@PDostiyar  you are a true hero thx



Your URL doesn't work. I still can't change backgrounds

@PDostiyar How can I fix my ms teams, my version is Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 07/09/2021. And I can't see my Apply background effects in 3 dots or the more action but when I hold my mouse in the camera logo there is more background effect and it will open the background settings but when I choose 1 background and I press the preview button I cant see my background meaning I cant apply a background, how can I fix that 


This worked well, thank you.  Now my backdrop is mirror image (the logo is backward) of what I had hoped for but it is progress!

I am glad it worked... can you accept the solution as the answer to your question... so this thread is closed.

@PDostiyarThere's no Background folder on mine tho :( Should I create a folder?

Same problem with me , can someone pls help me
you don't need to create a folder now... it is there by default it give you option to change from Gui while you are in a meeting Share your camera and select background there should be custom option too...
it is there by default now, it give you option to change from Gui while you are in a meeting Share your camera and select background there should be custom option too...


I have the lastest teams version( and I do not have this folder. Also unable to add photos for my background

I tried but it didn't work :(