Microsoft Teams Resources for the IT Pro
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So you're interested in getting started with Microsoft Teams? We think that's great! Below, there are some helpful resources to get you up to speed with Microsoft Teams.  As an admin we know you need to be the expert.  What else would help you deploy and manage Microsoft Teams within your organization?  Tell us, below!


Video: Microsoft Teams Product Tour:

Summary: Take a quick tour of Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Introduction to Microsoft Teams:

Summary: This session will explain why Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365.  With Microsoft Teams, all your team conversations and context - all the related files, notes and content - are kept together in one place and easily accessible by everyone on the team, with everything tightly integrated with the other Office 365 apps you use.  Learn how Microsoft Teams will help your team to communicate more effectively. 

Microsoft Mechanics video episode: Microsoft Teams:


Once you are ready to deploy, check out the following resources.


Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams - Admin Help:

Summary: See this FAQ to find answers for administrators of Microsoft Teams, the teamwork app for group chat, calls, meetings, and private and group messages 

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Deploy and manage Microsoft Teams:

Summary: This session will go into detail what IT Pros need to consider when enabling Microsoft Teams for their users. We will go walk through the process for rolling out Microsoft Teams and configuring the infrastructure, as well as taking a closer look at the supporting technologies for Microsoft Teams. 
Administrator settings for Microsoft Teams:
Summary: Microsoft Teams is an extendable and customizable group chat workspace app in Office 365, for team chats, calls, meetings, and private and group messages 


Looking for how-to videos?  We've got quite the collection.  Check out the blog listing them all, here.

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