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I deployed BitDefender Gravity Zone as win 32 app around a year ago and when setting up laptop though autopilot or other means it has always installed never had any errors. However Recently without any changes to app it has started failing and I get the following error:




I have repackaged the app using 'Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool' and uploaded the app onto intune again with the same settings and it still fails. 


I have also been onto BitDefender website and followed the instructions on there as the uninstall and detection rules were different to what I originally had but still no success.


Install security agents - use cases (


When I used this method I get Unknown error code as it suggests to take out all the error codes on the link above




I have had to install this on the last couple of devices manually because of this, could anyone shed some light on how I would get this sorted.





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It seems like it is waiting on something, like a prompt with confirmation or something. I don't know the installation commands for the package. Is there an option to enable logging? If not, perhaps running the installation using a PowerShell script might help in which you start with Start-Transcript c:\windows\temp\bitdefender.log and end with Stop-Transcript?
Hi Rob,
i'm facing the same problem, made an setupdownloader*.intunewin install last year that worked fine. But a few weeks ago it started to fail to install, the installation see,s to hang or waiting for input. Also a newly created BD install, intunewin didn't work. Did you get any further with this?
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I did eventually get this to work, It was a new laptop so I reset it a few times few times in autopilot and the others with fresh start seemed to get a different result every time for some reason. 


However I think what eventually did it was having 2 another version of the app assigned the group the user was in to all 3 apps and being a bit more patient and leaving it. Eventually the original one installed correctly although it did take a couple of days for Intune to register that it was installed. 


I then removed the groups from the other apps as they were no longer needed..


Intune does seem very buggy at times, I have found conflicted policies that do exactly the same thing assigned to the same groups but if I then remove one of the conflicted policies the other policy just doesn't work even though it has the same settings and says applied, so on our laptops we just have lots of conflicted policies now, seems like the way to go. Basically if it doesn't work and you know it  should duplicate it.