Suggestions for InTune Endpoint Manager dashboard

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Wherever devices are listed in Endpoint Manager the order of the columns is set to a default with Device Name (which is something like 32ba06ac416707cf_AndroidEnterprise_4/16/2020_7:41 AM) / Managed by / Ownership / Compliance / OS / OS Version etc. I want to see more useful info like Device Model / IMEI etc. Now, it IS possible to get Device Model / IMEI and other columns, and for them to be ordered usefully, but every time you return to the device list, the ordering is lost and you have to do it every time. The same goes for all list displays.

So, 3 suggestions / requests on this:

  1. Please allow saving of the column selection, ordering, and widths
  2. Provide custom fields for devices, so that information like ‘Friendly Name’, ‘Location (Office/hospital dept/branch etc)’, ‘Designated Keeper’ – basically, customisable additional info fields where the title of the field is also custom (and sortable).
  3. Different saved customisable views of the same data
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Making a suggestion here will not get heard @AliBear 


Instead post it to the Intune uservoice site. The team review this at least once a month.