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i would like to use the possibility to sync SharePoint libraries automatically.


Therefore I've already created a new profile (type: administrative template) and set the "Configure team site libraries to sync automatically" setting. (Enabled, a Display Name, and the Value)

I've found out the library ID as described here via "copy library id" within a SharePoint website. (Click on "syncronize" and then select "copy library id".


At my administrative templates profile i've put the whole string copied before into the value.


Unfortunately this isn't working. The profile is applied correctly, but the OneDrive client isn't syncronizing.


That's why i dived deeper into the registry:


At this point I've found the applied setting, so the client is receiving this setting.

By the way: I also tried converting the string i got from the "copy library id" as i was told to here.


Any idea, why this isn't working?




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By the way: a waiting time over 8 hours didn't work either. (as advised by Microsoft)

Have you seen this?

It seems this setting just doens't work correctly. This isn't an Intune issue, but a Onedrive issue.

I have just tested it and it doesn't show up for me also. I would (unfortunately) advise against using this policy as it's just not bug free.

Hi @Thijs Lecomte 


Thank you for the link.

Everyhting I've read so far was about "it's working".

It seems to bee a timing problem / bug.

"might work... or not".

This is of course inacceptable.


So where does that leave us?  did you get this resolved?

Hi @Jimbo_Jones,


until now it is not working for me.


worthy of an update.  I have found that this actually works.  but it takes days to take effect.  The policy applies the registry keys very quickly, but the time at which it takes for OneDrive to show the drives on a machines is waaaay longer than 8 hours.  in my case, days and days.  up to 4-5.  but they do appear.


On thinking about it.  it seemed to take 8 hours or so after I rebooted.  so it might be worth testing a reboot and them wait up to 8 hours.

@Jimbo_Jones The same for me, after setting it up it didn't work. Waited the weekend, and suddenly the synced document library appeared.


Strange and frustrating.... 



Ah okay, thank you for your feedback, this is really nice to know.

@PatrickF11 Did this ultimately work for you?

I'm in the "waiting 8+ hours phase" myself.

I noticed there were two identical profile settings for 

"Configure team site libraries to sync automatically".  One in the User section, one in the Computer Section.  I applied the same option in both, figured I had 2x the chance of it working.
Currently i'm not using this method neither any workaround. Sorry.
It is simply not working good enough for me.


I agree with you, the profile is simply not good enough.

Ben Reader explains the limits of the ADMX profile in this video, and has built a PS script that makes the synchronization working.


It simply works perfectly.

@Quubit Did you apply the "configure team site libraries to sync automatically" sites to the computer setting (versus the user setting)?  Since S/P sites are user group based I'd assume this is a user setting, yet every article I read suggests there should all be done on the Computer Setting.  A lot of the settings exist in both places.    

@AsTheCrowFlies yeah, this is a user setting.  I don't use device settings that much anymore for most settings as user settings seem to apply more reliably.  in this case you could have multiple setups for different users as well.

@AsTheCrowFlies I've actually given up on this.... this just isn'nt working good enough for me.


I've switched to using a script instead which is working quite well!



Steve and Ben discuss their PowerShell solution to configure SharePoint team site libraries to sync automatically in OneDrive. 00:00 - Intro 02:00 - Explaining how to manually sync SharePoint site libraries 03:30 - Intune within Azure Portal ...



HI take a look at to reduce the 8 hours timer.

And make sure to copy the library ID as you did. BUT!!! you have to replace some values. 


%2D with -

%7B with {

%7D with } 

%3A with :

%2F with /

%2E with .





I have this working in my environment. The policy I have has the two configured below.


Configure team site libraries to sync automatically (USER)Enabled 
Use OneDrive Files On-Demand (DEVICE)Enabled
Once your devices sync with Intune you should see your libraries show in this Registry:
My understanding is that the up to 8 hour wait period begins when OneDrive does it's next sync, and it has received the above registry key.  We've been more successful in speeding things up by signing out of OneDrive and then back in to start the "timer".
Also, there is a 5000 item limit per library and 1000 device limit per policy.  This is a problem for larger companies that will need to be looked into.  However, you can break up your libraries so it stays under the content limit.  Trying to create multiple policies to get around the device limit in Intune won't work either, because you cannot have 2 policies affecting the same target.  Meaning, if users have to access libraries in another policy it ain't happening.  

@GGotay Are you applying the admin template to a user group or a device group?  What happens if you have a common area machine where different user logins might run in conflict with the libraries you specified in the "Configure team site libraries" key?

@AsTheCrowFlew it is targeting a user group.  The Files on Demand policy still applies (although this should probably be applied with your OneDrive Admin Template for good hygiene).   


I listed all of the libraries in one admin template policy. The registry changes in the Current User so if another user logs into that same machine it will still apply to the new user (given time restraints).  The user will only be able to access the library content they have privilege to.


I will note though that if your users have list access to see the top level folder then there will be a lot of libraries showing even if the content isn't viewable due to access restriction.  We are currently trying to tweak this now so that only the libraries you have access to show up in your File Explorer.

@GGotay Have you been able to tweek it so users only see that to wich they have access to?