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Hey guys,


I'm having a strange issue in Kaizala. We are utilizing Intune but in majority we are managing Win 10 devices, Android and iOS devices are not forced to register.


Interestingly connecting with Android we are not facing issues. But in iOS our users receive the splash screen "Intune not enabled. To access this group, make sure you have received access privileges from your IT admin."


Any idea how to solve this issue?


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@woelki That sounds like a Conditional Access related message, so you may want to look at the CA policy assigned to the user having the issue and the approved apps in that policy.  Also, it looks like Kaizala is a little bit behind in the their implementation of the Intune SDK, so that could also have an impact.  The SDK implementation has to happen with the respective app developers.

@Steve BucciHey, thank you for your suggestion. Same problem here. We currently don't have any conditional access policy that's active. Is there any way other than disabling Intune to work around a wonky SDK implementation with this or any more information on the SDK problem? We'd like to use Kaizala but it should work with Intune enabled.

@vwolters I took a look this morning and Kaizala is still behind with their implementation of the Intune SDK. You can open a support ticket for Kaizala and/orprovide feedback here

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@Steve Bucci @woelki 

Thanks again for the info Steve.

Apparently I have found the cause and the solution to my problem.

There's a policy in the Kaizala Admin Center that's checked by default. It requires Kaizala to implement Intune policies. Apparently it makes Kaizala expect a policy and has no procedure for there simply not being a policy.

After unchecking it the error message seems ceased for all users and they can now use Kaizala.Kaizala.PNG