Intune Company Portal and New BlackBerry Android Devices

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I would like to know why Intune continues to stop New BlackBerry Phones running Android Software from Enrolling. We don't want to support BB10 Devices, but these New BlackBerry Devices are running pure Android and are not even built by BlackBerry anymore. Is it a big cost to enable these Devices to Enroll?
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Have you checked your settings to make sure Android or even Android for Work devices are allowed to enrol?  We have a number of KeyOne's enrolled with no problems.


Check the settings in > Microsoft Intune > Device Enrollment restrictions > Platform Restrictions.





Intune Company Portal Does in-fact work with both the Blackberry Key 1 and Key 2 Phones. However its not automatic and takes a few extra steps if you are trying to use the native Blackberry Hub to access your emails. Typically Company Portal app will automatically register your device and configure the correct email settings with the native email app or outlook app installed on your device. This is not the case for the Blackberry Hub App on your device. You will need to manually input the Settings. 

Steps to Configure Blackberry Hub to work with Company Portal App

  1. Install Company Portal App
  2. Follow steps and register your device through the company portal app.
  3. Go to Blackberry Hub
  4. Add Account
    • Enter Work Email
    • Password
  5. Settings Page (Get with your IT Department if these settings don't work)
    • Email: Your Work Email
    • Password: Your Password
    • Domain\User: \Your Work Email
      • ex.(\
    • Server:
    • Leave the rest of the settings as they are.
    • Click Next and assuming this is the correct server, domain, and port entries for your company than it should allow you through
  6. Open Company Portal App 
    1. Look at the Top right and you will see a flag, it should have a notification icon over it click it and step you through to register/allow email on the BBhub app. 
      1. This extra setup option didn't appear right away for me, i closed the app twice and opened it back up before the notification highlighted the flag indicating extra steps are needed for email.
  7. It should be noted that after installing Intune Company Portal, email worked right away with the Outlook App. This Procedure is to get the emails to sync with the Blackberry Hub. As always get with your IT department for help, I'm sure they have never seen a new blackberry but they should be able to provide you with the details needed for the Server and Domain Settings.

We've been OK enrolling Samsung and Sony devices using a generic Android device policy in Intune, but the KEYone won't run the Company Portal app to completion. Did you create BBRY specific device policy or change any settings on the KEYone before starting enrollment?

Hmm thats odd.  We have the same policy for all Android devices (Samsung, KeyOne and Key2).  No changes on the device either.  


Just the usual Process

  1. Download Company Portal from Google Play
  2. Log in using work credentials
  3. Follow through wizard and let it create the work container
  4. Log in Company Portal in the work container 
  5. Follow through with the default prompts.


That works a treat.  We then push down Gmail etc for mail access.





>Log in Company Portal in the work container<


Can you elaborate on this please? When I enroll the phone, the company portal runs to create workspace, then a 2nd instance seems to start which then hangs trying to enroll the phone.


How do I open the work container?


This is the single instance of a BBRY phone a user requested among 1,000s of Samsungs, so I'm not familiar with BBRY's mods to android.

It should be exactly the same as enrolling a Samsung  device (assuming you are using the Android for Work on them)


What I mean is exaclty as you describied.  It creates the Workspace and then the "Workspace" version of CP should open (basically CP with the briefcase).  I have noticed this doesn't always open so have had to load Workspace and load CP there.


Its very odd that you are having issues we have 150 odd dotted aroung the globe and they all seem to have enrolled correctly (not that that helps you:-))





We figured it out. Needed the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on the Key2, then Company Portal ran OK. No idea why... 

Hmm I wonder why that is required. Certainly not something we push to our devices.  Glad you got it sorted anyway :)