Intune Autopilot device registration error


Dear forum members,

I am autopiloting a mini PC, it was successful for the first time. Then the other day we sent a Wipe command to reset the device, once it came back, it stopped working during the Autopilot process with the following error: 

Failed registering your device to mobile management with error code 0x80180014.

Anyone could recommend any troubleshooting ideas?


What I already have tried is to delete the device from the Intune, AAD and Autopilot program. I re-upload the machine ID (csv file) back to Autopilot program. It created the AAD object successfully, but not under the Intune Device blade.


Thanks all.

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First troubleshooting idea comes to my mind is to check your Enrollment restriction Rules for devices, if all looks good, try below:

Create new Security Group (not Dynamic) and add it ‘member’ (make sure the status change to assigned) and give it another try.

If still not working, I would create new deployment profile and assign the new security group.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @Moe_Kinani 

I shall try re-create the group and assigned the device as direct member. Failing that, re-create the Autopilot profile will be my next step.


The Enrollment restrictions look okay. There is a rule that has been assigned to the device group already. The Windows MDM is to allow and Personal is to block. The Autopilot device should automatically become corporate owned, I guess.


Just to clarify, the device will hit the restrictions rules starting from the highest priority to lower ones. As soon as there is a hit, the restriction will apply (allow or block) and other lower priority rules will not process. 


Thanks for your help Moe.

Yes, agree. Highest priority rules always win!

Hi @Moe_Kinani, the error I am getting at the Autopilot enrollment status page is "failed: 6, 0x80180014". Google the error code takes me to the enrollment restriction page but I can't see how the current restriction settings are causing this.

Auto Pilot errors codes are not %100 accurate, I have been on the same boat before.

Have you tried creating new deployment profile and assign to Security Group that includes the effected device? I don’t see your Restriction rule will affect it as it hits personal devices.

I would leave disabling the existing restriction rule as last resort.

Hi @Moe_Kinani, I logged a support case and here is the official answer from Microsoft.

The user created enrollment restrictions only apply to user-driven enrollment. It is not supported for user-less enrollment using the Self-Deploying methods. So it will hit the default rule.

As soon as I allowed Windows MDM in the default enrollment restriction, it started working.

Thanks for your help my friend.

Thanks for the update wangjueliang!

@wangjueliang Old article, but you saved my day! I had a device with this error and it turned out to be the default enrollment restriction I made a change to the other day :)