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How long does it take for App protection policies to a apply

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We're rolling out Intune within the organization. Some users were able to enroll and got the relevant policies within 10-15 minutes. Other users took up to 3 hours for the app protection policies to apply. Some users uninstalled Outlook then reinstalled it and that kicked in the app protection.


Anything I can do to speed up the process for the users?

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Hi Aghi,

App protection policies for MAM devices may take time to apply, up to 48 hours!
I also like to mention that changing the policy after applying could take up to 72 hours to take effect!

I know it’s so hard to wait for replication to happen, especially with Teams policies these days!

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani Does that apply to configuration policies too? I have been applying and changing policies for testing constantly. Are you saying that it is impossible to test. I always wondered why policies I deleted hours ago are still applied.

Hi, deleting some policies don't mean the settings will be reverted back, some times you need to just change the setting to the opposite what it was and let it run before you remove it...
Yea I read that yesterday and I couldn't **bleep**ing believe it. How do they expect people to use Intune as a management platform if you can't easily manage policies and settings.
It all depends... if you aware of the limits you can live with it :) ... i am always comparing it with the old folder redirection issues... just setting it to not configured doesn't mean folder redirection is turned off. To resume: if you know what could happen when you do something... its all good :)