Failed to create MacOS Enrollment Profile

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Hello hoping someone out there might have encountered this or have some advice..


I am trying out Intune in combination with Apple Business Manager (ABM). I followed the guides on setting up ABM with our Azure AD and Intune environments, created the required MDM Push Certificates, VPP tokens, etc.


I was able to setup the Intune MDM successfully in Intune and ABM, and created an iOS device enrollment profile in Intune which worked well and was able to automatically enroll an iPhone and successfully deploy the company portal app and other apps to it.


The issue I'm having is when I go to create the MacOS device Enrollment profile in Intune I select the existing MDM program token and go thru the process but it fails to create the MacOS enrollment profile and instead I get an error "Failed to create <profile name here>". I've tried various settings with the enrollment profile, I even created a new apple enrollment token and tried to setup the MacOS profile with the new token but I get the same error.


I followed the article and don't see any missing steps... I've got the company portal app configured with the PKG as a LOB but it won't even get that far since there isn't an enrollment profile to automatically enroll the MacOS device into Intune. The device however is getting sync'd from ABM and is visible under the Apple enrollment token's device list. Granted I could manually install the Company Portal to enroll the mac with Intune but I am trying to automate this process as best as I can and use the enrollment profile to do so.


Any advice or direction you might suggest? From what I can tell everything seems setup correctly... and iOS/Windows devices are working fine its just MacOS I'm stuck on.


Thank you in advance.

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I am having the same issue


Edit: If you followed the steps in the article, it should work, I succesfully created profiles like this earlier, but is not working anymore, I'm getting the same error now.


I reported an issue in Microsoft 365 service health, but it has a state of no issues found. If it's still broken next week I will open a support ticket with Microsoft. 




We are also having this issue right now. I was able to create iPad enrollment profiles and got those working, but cannot create a profile for our new Mac Mini.

I get the same error: "Failed to create [profile name]" with no further explanation.
Just a quick update, I initiated a support ticket with Microsoft and they confirmed that they were able to reproduce the problem. Apparently this is currently a bug on the platform that has not yet been publicly published to the health status page. They expect that to be published by Monday.

@fecg_admin have you recieved any updates. Trying to create a profile now and have the same issue.


We have a couple of MAC´s waiting for the profile to be able to enroll them and send them out to users...

I can confirm the problem for several tenants
Same problem here !!!!!
Hi Martin,
I just had another call with them where they collected log files and screenshots of the problem so they can expedite the escalation of the issue. I have also sent them a link to this thread.

I suspect that it might help escalate even faster if some more of you contacted support through official channels so it doesn't look like it's just an isolated incident.

Thanks for the update. I´ll create a case as well and see if it works :)

How hard could it be to actually resolve the issue though! I miss my MAC.. It´s decided every MAC needs to be in Business Manager and I´ve resetted mine and are waiting for this to come through :(

Same issue with our tenant. I have opened a support request as our TAM said they did not see a global issue created yet. 

I had the same issue. Talked to support today. Guy called me back a couple of times but he clearly had no clue what to do. Not mad at him. Hopefully this is resolved soon because I have macs waiting to be enrolled.

Anyone know if we could create a profile through PowerShell? Have asked the technician we have on the case but no answer :(

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Issue is now shown in Service health:

Title: Users are unable to edit or create an Apple ADE profile for MacOS using Microsoft Intune

User impact: Users are unable to edit or create an Apple ADE profile for MacOS using Microsoft Intune.

Current status: We identified a configuration change after a recent service update that is causing exceptions with editing and creating Apple ADE profiles. We're working to develop and validate a fix to revert the configuration and remediate impact.

Scope of impact: Your organization is affected by this event, and users who are attempting to edit or create an Apple Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) profile for MacOS using Microsoft Intune are impacted.

Start time: Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 10:17 PM (8:17 PM UTC)

Root cause: A recent service update contained a configuration change for Apple ADE profiles that is causing exceptions.

Next update by: Tuesday, April 18, 2023, 11:00 AM (9:00 AM UTC)
They fixed the issue. I'm able to create MacOS enrollment profiles again.
It's working for me also.
Thanks! I'll give it a whirl this afternoon.
I appreciate everyone's help!