Device compliant in intune - but on device rapported as non compliant

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We have one device, that really seems strange.

A Iphone 11 (BYOD) is enrolled in Intune. In Intune the device is marked as compliant and everything OK.

If we open company portal on the device it rapport that the device is not managed, and ask to enroll it - which is of course not possible, as it it already enrolled.

We of course tried to remove the device in intune, remove the management profile, restart etc - but everytime the same things happen. After successfully enrolled and the device looks fine in intune - but on the device it keep saying that it is not compliant. We have conditional access requiring device to be compliant to access office 365 - and also in the error logs in conditional access of the user, it state the error that device is not mdm enrolled - and again, Intune rapport it compliant in the backend

One thing that I notice - When I enroll a device in Intune, the device typically appear in endpoint under "devices" - and also a entry in "" under devices. But for this device when enrolling, the device only appear in endpoint and not in That at least seems strange for me,

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