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Is there a way to put a welcome page on a form? We want to be able to add an image which details our timelines and have some information to guide people who may need to get further information to complete the form and where they can get this from


Any way I can add this?





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@jharrison266 this is not a feature that is available in Forms. There are a couple of things you could do:

1) Create a new section called Introduction and move it above any other sections. In this section add just 1 Choice question. You can add all your text into the question and the choice is for the user to confirm they've read it. Then add branching to the next section where your first real question will be.




2) If all your users are internal and you use SharePoint then you can embed the form in a Microsoft Forms web part on a page and then add whatever other text you need to the page.


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