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I have created a form through MS forms. When responses are submitted, I want to receive an email with the responses, rather than viewing the responses in MS forms. Is there a way to configure forms so that the responses can be viewed in an email?

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You can create a flow in Microsoft Flow to get the form response and send you an email with the response information. I do that regularly for surveys done in Forms.  The steps for a live one are shown below and in this example the email goes to the respondent with their responses, but I get a copy..

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@RobElliott  Thank you for this. I will try to set it up and hopefully it turns out successful. Based on what I am seeing, it looks like the email goes to the respondent with their responses. In which part have you set up the flow to where you get a copy too?

Click on Show advanced options in the Send email notifications action and add your email address into the CC or BCC box. It's similar if you are using the Send an email (v2).


I like Send an email notification because it sends the email from "Microsoft Powerapps and Flow" instead of from me.


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