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I'd like to use Forms in class ass a formative assessment tool. It would be nice it there is an option to show only one question at a time and an option to shuffle questions. The student will have to submit every answer seperately. 


Branching comes in handy when I want to personalize the assessment. For example if a students gives the wrong answer he/she would get a few follow up questions. This doesn't work if all questions are shown, because students can tell which answer is correct by trying different answers. 


Does it make any sense? What do you think?

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I understand your requirement, and let me forward your feedback to the PM of this area.  @Nakul Madaan

Thanks for sharing your requirement with us. We do have an option to shuffle questions, you can find it by clicking 'Send Form' -> 'See all settings' -> 'option for responses' -> Shuffle questions. One questions per page is in our backlog, however would like to understand in more details for your preference and scenario to show one question per page.
Sections maybe? And also the ability to insert a picture or text between questions... e.g. a piece of test then we could follow it with 3-4 "quiz" questions. Then a diagram, followed by 3-4 more questions etc.

Is this still being looked at and input sought?


1 question per page would be useful as some questions lead on from previous and could affect the thinking process.  Also dependant on the answer a follow up question may be required so the ability to branch to different sections of the survey or quiz would be beneficial.

Is there any support for this feature yet?

I would very much like this to happen, too! 


(See google forms "Sections" feature.)

A work around might be to use the "branching" functionality, and just configure the next question for each answer.  This ultimately will then show one question at a time because each question is dependent on the answer.

If we are offering a quiz class which is to be attempted by the students for grading purpose, a teacher would be interested to use the shuffle option as well as one by one display of the question while attempting, so that the student attempting the question will not know the next question. This will help in minimising the copy of answer from the fellow student. Is this option available in forms to display one question at a time to attempt. Thanks

@W.K. Lai Put each question in its own section.

@htmlcssjs  Yes, but can the teacher then release each section manually?

@PRCme no that's not possible.


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