"You don't Have Permission to view this form" - Selective users

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We created a MS form using the following permissions option "Only People in my organization can respond" 


Majority of people can access the form, however there are a few that claim after signing in they get this error:




We have also checked in Azure if there are additional settings to associate, but cannot seem to find anything.


Anyone got an idea?

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Hi @Megan-Lee Paterson


They have to be on the same tenant else they may get that error.


Or their login happens to be something other than their organisational one at the time they tried to access the form?


Maybe give those options a go and see what happens? Please let me know how you go.




It is useful to try in another browser or clearing the cookies. 

@wroot I was having this issue with a form I created myself! Copy pasted into a new incognito tab. Worked a charm! 

how do I get on the same tenant? and also I plainly do not understand what "Or their login happens to be something other than their organizational one at the time they tried to access the form?" means
It's like a bug as sign In page should be accessed in case user might be using multiple Office 365 environments for e.g personal environment in phone. So then you accessing the form device auto sign's in to last Office 365 environment from device history and shows this error if it's not the same. It possible to navigate to the main MS Forms page and sign out or to use browser's InPrivate mode, but you can't expect that from usual form filler.

@JonasSav I almost agree on this.

The issue isn't really resolved by getting the "Right / latest" logged in profile.

I clicked on a link in my Outlook to go to a form. I get the error. I wondered which of my o365 accounts is currently "Latest" or "Default". 


So I opened a new tab in the same session and navigated to office.com. I am in under the correct account in that new tab. So that tells me that the latest/default is correct.

Still, though - even after checking my load-up office.com, when I navigate to the link to the form, it insists on using a different O365 account and it fails.


The biggest issue here is that the forms page doesn't allow you to select from active profiles - nor does it tell you which account you're using.

So for example, if a form is built that collects the email and I jump into it without having the active profile choosable by me, I'm potentially submitting data tagged to the wrong organization. That's a big no-no.


This would be so simple for microsoft to fix - if more than one active MS accounts, give the selection. 


There's little chance we can support people using Microsoft forms by hand-holding end-users through navigating to an incognito window just to fill in a form. The surface area of support is not appropriate.


In fact, when I was trying to reply to this form post, I got "Permissions requested" and the non-default profile is listed there, but there's nowhere to switch to a different profile. So just to participate in techcomm, I had to open an incognito window to write this reply.


Strange design decision...