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I need to know how to do for print the form before to send it. 

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@Deleted apart from taking screenshots there's currently no way to print out your form before sending it.
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@Deleted - AKAIK there is no Print button on the forms itself, if the client you are using to access the forms has print feature for e.g. any browser, you should be able to print using that, might not be exactly what you wanted, but at least close



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I agree with @Deleted  and @Sai Gutta .


A further limitation to printing from the web browser is that branching questions will not be captured, it only prints what's on screen (which is OK if you have a small, simple form).


Same would apply with Ctrl + A (Select all).


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Copy the link from Share, open it in Google Chrome, right click and print. It works. I tried it. Thanks Google for helping Microsoft out on this. Apparently, they need it. 

If it helps, there's a new Print Form option in the ... menu that might be useful to some.




Which let's you print from the web browser:







@Damien Rosario Wow. That just updated tonight, because I have been all over this looking for print, and now you mentioned it and it's there. Go figure. I read somewhere on here that they were adding that feature in September, and here it is. 

Thanks for making me check one more time. 



The prophecy has been fulfilled @MikeBrady :)


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