Power Automate Flow Using Forms - Using Condition/Switch Effectively

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I'm trying to create a power automate flow which branches in two different directions given the response in Forms. 




Based on the response to the Availability or Demand field in the forms survey, I want the following to occur: If the answer was availability, then the survey details get incorporated into a table in the excel. If the answer was Requesting Help, then the survey details get incorporated into a different table in the same excel and then there's a mass email. Currently, the downstream portion of the flow is working, the switch function doesn't seem to be capturing the response accurately because all of my responses end up falling into the "Does not fit either case" blank box with no output. What am I doing wrong?




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@skhat88 why not just use a condition as you only have 2 outcomes from the Availability or Demand field? You can test what the value is that is being evaluated in the condition/switch by adding a Compose control and that will indicate what the problem is.


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So would the condition be nested within the compose control action?
Yes you just a compose into both the green (yes) and red (no) channels.

@RobElliott So something like this?




I'm not entirely sure what the compose function does, but I added it under the excel actions in both the yes and no conditions. 





In this case the Compose is just there so that when you do a check after the flow has run you can see what the value of Availability was in case the flow doesn't run as expected.