Power Automate Connector - Form Pro vs Form

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Hi Community, 


We want to build a quiz and send a certificate of completion if a responder passes the quiz. 


Here are several challenges/concerns that I have:

  1. I know that "Form Pro" links to CDS. How about "Form"? what are the entities?
  2. I cannot find the quiz data built by "Form Pro" in the CDS. There is no quiz related entity, apart from Form Pro Survey, Form Pro Survey Response, etc. Can you tell me where I can find the quiz data and quiz responses?
  3. I found this article related to "Form" Connector (https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/introducing-the-microsoft-forms-connector-for-flow/). As I have a trial account of "Form Pro", whenever I use this "Form" Connector, it picks up the quiz from "Form Pro". I want to know without "Form Pro", does this connector work for "Form"?
  4. Where is the final score stored? I cannot find a score for each question response or the final score. 

I'm not quite sure which product we should use. Form or Form Pro?

Please assist. 

Many thanks. 

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Hi @Rachel2020! The Power Automate Community is best suited for your inquiry, as the Common Data Service relates to the Power Platform.