Please Help with Voting / Poll / Survey using Gifs

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Looking for a way to host a gif contest at work.  Everyone has sent me their favorite gifs now I need everyone to vote on their favorite.  How do I accomplish this?  Would need it to look similar to the below:


"Please pick your favorite Gif"

1- Gif

2- Gif

3- Gif

etc etc.  Have about 60 different gifs


I created the attached in survey monkey but the problem is you can only have 10 gifs.  I need to have atleast 100 people vote on 50 or 60 different gifs.   Thoughts?




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@JayTea2040  we did something similar with a photo competition, we used Sway to present all the photos (about 30) then at the end of the Sway we had an embedded form to vote for your fave. It worked well for us, hope that helps.

It worked great!  Thank you very much for this @notesguru99