Person completing form nominates who it is sent to

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Can the person completing the form add the email address of their manager and the completed form is then sent to 1) me as the form creator 2) their manager and 3) a copy sent to the person completing the form

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@Kate_Wilson_2116 yes but you need to build a flow in Power Automate for this, it can't be done in Forms on its own. A simple example of a form and flow to do this is shown below.


1) First, create your form:




2) In Power Automate create an instant cloud flow. Every flow needs a trigger - the thing that starts it running - followed by at least 1 action. In this example the trigger the Forms "when a new response is submitted" and you select your form from the dropdown:




2) The first action when you've got that trigger is always the Forms "get response details". Again you select your form and then when you click in the Form Id field the dynamic content box will appear on the right and you select Response Id:



3) Finally add an Office 365 Outlook "send an email (v2)" action. Enter your email address in the To field followed by a semi colon and then select the question from the dynamic content box where you asked for the manager's email address. Type in the body of the email and select the questions from the form. You can copy in the responder by selecting Responder's email for the CC field.




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@RobElliott - you have made my year.  I have been trying to sort this issue since 2020.  I easily get lost in the tech jargon.  But your instructions made perfect sense and the problem is now solved.