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Is it possible in Forms free or Forms pro to input a table in a survey that would allow free text fields for certain rows or columns?

As per below, they'd need to enter hours, location, address and contact?



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@DeaneP no this isn't possible with Forms. The list of uservoice requests around tables is at


To achieve this currently you would need to build a form in Power Apps.


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Hi @RobElliott

How could it be achieved via PowerApps? Could you please share with us some instructions on how to get it done?

Also, using PowerApps, do I need all respondants to have a certain PowerApps license? (we currently have MS Office 365 E3 subscription (per user), which includes basic PowerApps features only).

I appreciate your help with this.

@TaisaTk there's a good video on YouTube by April Dunnam here where she demonstrates how to build an inline editable table in Power Apps with a SharePoint list as the data source.


An E3 licence will enable you to build a canvas app as in the video and for your users to use it. It's what we have at my company.


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@RobElliott Thank you for the video recommendation! And what a great explanation from April Dunnam! Very easy to understand and reproduce.
I really appreciate your help :)