MS Forms Survey: Multiple free text answer options for one question

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Dear Form Tech Community,


I hope you can help me with my survey. I want to set up a question, where there are multiple answers built as freetext fields starting with a defined pretext:



Questions: Which xyz do you use?


  • Quantitative xyz: _______________
  • Qualitative xyz:   _______________
  • Time-based xyz: _______________
  • Other:                  _______________

So there where you see the underline, the responder should type the text in it. Is this possible with MS Forms? If yes, please can you show me how?

Of course I know, that as workaround I could split the question into 4, but the above one would be more elegant. So I hope there is some solution.


Many thanks for your time and help.

With best regards


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@Nika777 unfortunately you'll need to split it into 4 questions.


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what a pity, but thank you for the info. 

Happy Friday :)