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Ms forms custom domain

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Hi All is it possible to share the form using a custom domain I.e. and not etc

I have a use case where I want to share a form with an external client but want the form to come from our custom domain.

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@Etnastyles that isn't possible, but if you've got a SharePoint site with external access enabled you could embed the form on a page with the Forms web part.


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We continue to train our users to look at the URL of any link that is sent to them via e-mail before clicking, to mitigate the risk of phishing.  Even if the link is in an e-mail from a known and trusted source, this does not guarantee safety as the e-mail account could have hijacked or spoofed.  Is there still no way to use an internal domain name when sending out a Microsoft Form?  We have folks that choose NOT to open a form as the generic domain makes the link suspicious.

@PDXBIZTHOMP no, it's still not possible.