MS Forms - Correct answer ticks missing from Response tab

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Hello all,

I have had an issue reported to me with Forms/quiz.

In design, multiple answers was toggled on and five answers were marked as correct out of nine.
32 people completed the question and answered it correctly, see below.


However, as you can see in the response tab, only two of the correct answers are ticked as being right. The other 3 correct answers are blank (no ticks).


Note: The correct scores have been given.

I replicated this question and as soon as I submitted my response all 5 ticks were present in the Response tab. Upon refreshing the Response tab, it dropped down to the two ticks again.


I also tested to see if selecting the first two options would provide a correct score and it didn't. This seems to be, aesthetical only, but frustrating.


Is this a bug? Can this be fixed?

Many thanks

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@MCT77 it looks like a bug.


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"This is a bug in our code and actually we already have a fix which is under the rolling out and the targeted timeline is Q2 this CY. "

This should be resolved globally soon.



Is there an update on this one?


I am creating a quiz and I still don't find the Correct answer tick mark. I can see only the "Message for those who choose this" and Delete options against each choice.