Microsoft Forms - Problem with iOS/Mac users accessing forms link

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Re: Microsoft Forms...Several iPhone/Mac users are having difficulty accessing my Form from the link I sent them via text message. Other iPhone/Mac users are not having the same difficulty. Is there a setting they need to enable on their devices?

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Hi @wbminter1914 


When you say difficulty, what does the issue look like (screenshot may help)?


Also is the form configured for organisation or anyone to access?




@Damien Rosario 


Hello Damien,

Thanks for your reply! Yes my form is enabled for anyone to access.  Attached is a screenshot of the error message some iOS users are getting...


Thank you!



I use a mac and I get this error all the time too and I am the global admin. It is so frustrating. Sometimes I have to go back and forth several times before the link will work.

Hi @wbminter1914 and all


It's a strange case that you would get that msg but using the link again may then show the form.


I'd suggest logging a ticket with Microsoft and reporting the issue.


A defect like this would be terrible to work with and I reckon they should get onto fixing it asap.


Good luck!



Hi @Damien Rosario 


Thanks again for your reply. I first reported the issue via Microsoft Chat, and they directed me to the Forms Community.  They also suggested that it could be that the iOS users unable to open the Forms link might not have the most current iOS version.  Yesterday I heard from 2 folks who couldn't open the link who had both just purchased new iPhones (iOS 12?).  


Can you please suggest the best way for me to report this to Microsoft?




Hi @wbminter1914 


The current iOS version available right now is 13 (mine is specifically 13.4.1) so maybe that is an issue. I have an old iPhone 7 I use for testing as well for things like this.


Your IT admin has the ability to log tickets with Microsoft via the Admin center so maybe check in with them?