Microsoft forms not working

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I’m having the same issues that Microsoft forms is not allowing to open. The site just spins like it’s trying to load then it crashes “sorry, something went wrong”.
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there is an issue with the service, they are working to resolve it soon, you can view the status here:

@HotCakeX Hello my forms isnt working and ive done everything i can. What should i do?

@Lxghtbloo just saying it isn't working doesn't give us any clue to what's happening. What error message are you getting?


In most cases you will need to submit a support ticket to Microsoft, as for most errors there is nothing we can do here on the forum.


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@RobElliott , same issue here. Forms is creating new documents continuously, but I can't open any of them (the screenshot below shows a single action from my side except the last two documents that I created yesterday when I faced the same issue but gave it up quickly because I thought it was just a temporary issue).





After some attempts, it seems I'm logged out and can't log in again, although it says I'm logged in which is quite a bit weird.




Please let me know if I can provide more information about the issue. Currently, MS Forms is not usable, at least for me (I haven't yet checked with other users in the organization).


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@devaybalazs @RobElliott  Hi, 

I am receiving the following errors when trying to access a form. This is the first time I've encountered this issue. The form was live and users had access to the link and some had completed it. When I login to see the form I see the following: 

(seems like it's duplicated my original form)


However when I open either of the forms I get the following error: 


It's not displaying any of the previous responses received from users. Can you please help and clarify why this may be happening? 

@Mvb2922 and @HotCakeX, I'm assuming there was never a resolution to this? Or is there a fix? I am having a similar issue. Microsoft forms is working fine for my personal Microsoft account but not for my work Microsoft account. When I login, the home page/dashboard says "We're having trouble getting your documents. Please try again later." When I try to open a new form, it just stays on the loading screen indefinitely.
I have same issue with one of my user (all users on my organization have no issue). Already tried with different browsers, even using different laptops but the result still the same. My last effort is signed him out all of session for his user on M365 admin, but still no luck. Please help. Thank you.
i'm having the same error here,
anyone found the solution? kindly help


I had created a form day before yesterday it was working fine for a day. But now it's not loading. People can register using the form link but i cant see the results.

Now It says  Sorry, something went wrong

IT policy has disabled the collaboration feature.

Session id: 86ded387-9758-4896-9fc8-26ae9af8ba1b, Correlation id: 12ab876e-3792-4693-8f20-6b7a2a09bbec

@_Jinu it sounds like your IT department has made a change to the settings for forms. Have a look at the post here.


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I had been doing survey for 200 students at same time.

when I had 140 responses showing, suddenly everything disappeared. 
How to recover the results! 

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm having the same issue today.

August 24, 2023  



I started having this same issue yesterday (8/23).  Does anyone know of a current outage or solution?

Thank you.



On the error page, you can find the Session ID and Correlation ID under technical details. Please share them with me so that I can help check if there is anything wrong in the backend.



Hi, suddenly the email we are supposed to send forms from has become 



instead of what it used to be.  And there is a very big delay when we start sending the Survey Invitation, and a delay of counters being updated.  Is that a global issue, or is it local?


Yeah, mine is coming up "Please make sure you have permission to access this form." when I'm trying to get one up, but speaking to IT they don't know what the issue is lol.

Session id: 1b5b614c-73fc-40c0-b703-e6781d706f52, Correlation id: 5e8ded21-772d-4ab3-abd5-c4f0a4f709d4

Cannot access any of my Microsoft forms:

Session id: 0522444e-0f10-4822-a21f-df4add2eddd4, Correlation id: c70b5cac-9d41-4328-a492-a35682825fab



This is not Microsoft Forms, it's Customer Voice product, you may need your IT to send ticket to their team for further investigation.



It's usually caused by the following reasons: 1. Login account mismatch (Microsoft Account vs. Org Account), 2. Revocation of owner's permission for co-author, 3. Removal of account from group membership, and 4. Accidentally accessing the design page instead of the response page.