Microsoft Forms no longer capturing responders email addresses

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We have several forms that are set to internal organization only, and over the weekend at some point they stopped capturing the responders email address. It comes up blank when getting the response details in flow. 


This broke all of our flows as we have the email address pulling the users profile and sending emails to their managers as the first task. 


The only thing that I'm aware of that's changed is our organization set up Intune in Azure. Is anyone else aware of Intune causing forms to not capture the responders email address when they submit a form in microsoft forms but still allowing access, and the form to be submitted? 

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Hi @jekisca 


We also run Intune and have had no issues with the emails not showing. I use Forms for many of my flows and I haven't seen any issues at the moment.


Intune and Forms would be two seperate things that shouldn't affect the other.


Perhaps you can try to create a test form and a basic flow to see if the email is coming through. If it still isn't coming through then I'd suggest logging a support ticket with Microsoft.


Best wishes