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Microsoft Forms - choice eliminator add-on

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I really like he ease of using Microsoft Forms! One feature I would like to see in forms is a choice eliminator add-on, like that in Google Forms. It is so helpful when scheduling meetings, interviews, and presentation times, especially with my distance students.

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Hi Lorraine, Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature ASK. This feature is currently in our backlog.

Any news on this feature?

I wonder if there is any update on this. Google Forms provides Choice Eliminator add-on, is there similar option in Microsoft that we could use to limit the number of responses in Online Forms? I think this is  useful and a must.

I agree - Choice Eliminator must be moved up on the work list.  We have found the Google Forms Choice Eliminator add-on to not be reliable.  Microsoft could compete with this product.

Just wondering if there is any updates on this feature? @Nakul Madaan 

Hello @Nakul Madaan, any update on this one? 

Hi there,

Is the choice eliminator tool still being developed for Microsoft Forms? I would be interested in using it as a scheduling and volunteer coordinating tool. Thank you for your time.

@Nakul Madaan its been a few years....Is this feature available?

@lashawn1929 Not to my knowledge.  Google Forms has a Choice Eliminator add-on but is sometimes problematic.


@Nakul Madaan  Hello, has this feature been developed? it would be an exceptional addition to the tool.

@corinnamunoz no, still nothing from Microsoft about this.


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still nothing on this? Has this been developed ?

It's been 7-years since this request was posted and still no choice eliminator. our institution pays for microsoft products so Google forms, which DOES an add-on, is not an option for us. This is ridiculous.
Still no answer.
This is an example of how you can make a great tool almost useless to avoid making a little extra effort.
I got sent to this user group from JotForm website. Does Microsoft want us to go and use another platform? I agree, this really needs sorting.