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Hey Tech Community,
has anyone issued the Problem, that the responses from a anonymous poll showing names. 

Mostly 4-5 responses are anonym and for the rest it shows the full name. 


If anyone has issued this problem and solved it, I would be very happy to get contacted.

Thank you 

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Was this a form, a quiz, or a Poll in Microsoft Teams?

If normal form or quiz, was there a period of time where you had the form set to another mode, and had "Record Names" setting checked in the settings?  


Has this reproduced for you multiple times, or just the one time you shared below?



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Hey Jon,

it is from a Teams Poll. And the response are opened on the Browser. The settings are untouched once a poll starts and it happens multiple times. 

Best regards



I just confirmed with developers.  This was a bug and has been fixed and deployed as of 4/19


This only impacted polls created from a certain endpoint and only when the poll was later accessed in the browser. 


Can you please let us know if this poll was created after 4/19 or if this reproduces on any new polls going forward?