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Par défaut, la langue pour soumettre un formulaire via Microsoft Forms est English.  Pouvons-nous mettre une autre langue par défaut, de sorte que la personne qui complète le questionnaire n'aie pas à modifier cette langue à chaque fois. 


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Hi @Rob_Poulin 


Yes you can.


1. Go into the ... menu to the right of the form and choose Multilingual.


2. Under Primary language, delete the current selection and choose a new language to be your default one. You can also add other languages if you need to under Additional language.




3. A drop down will appear at the top right of the form when you preview, and you can pick a language (the default will be whatever your Primary language is set to).


Hope that works for you?


Cheers and best wishes


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@Damien Rosario 

Thank you very much Damien!  This works perfectly !