Issue with exporting responses to Excel

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Hi all,


Just starting out with Forms and have already come across an issue.  We have set up a simple training survey form which works great.


I've deleted all of the initial test responses so the form no shows 0 responses - all good but if I export the responses to Excel, it displays all of the test responses.  Should I then make this form live, those test responses could skew the overall results.


Is this expected behaviour or is something not quite right on my tenant?


Thanks!  Dave

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Hi @Dave Pyett,

Let's see if we can help

1.) Go to and login
2.) Select the form
3.) Select Reponses
4.) Select ... and delete all responses
5.) The open in excel should now be greyed out
6.) When you submit responses from this point a new excel should be populated

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Thanks for that - have tried it but the Export to Excel option remains active and still shows all previous responses.  The form itself shows 0 responses etc (attached screenshot).


Maybe just a timing thing?  Will leave it until tomorrow and will try it again





Ok! Another option could be to just copy/clone the form. So if you go back to Forms on the top left of the screen and select ... on the form and then copy you can clone it. This may be a workaround it.

Best, Chris

Good idea - thanks

Hi Dave,


I want to check that you have delete all responses in Forms web app, and when you click on "Download in Excel" (you will get a new download Excel workbook), the new workbook contains all the history data. Is it right?


Could you share your form URL with us, so we could troubleshoot?




@Zhongzhong LiI am having this same issue -- I have an active form with 19 (and growing) true responses, but "Open in Excel" is still showing 10 additional test responses that I had deleted individually.  I don't want to have to copy/clone the form, as the link has been shared with others who are already submitting new responses.  It might be important to note that this is a Group Form; those test responses were for testing a new Flow I created after sharing the form with others on my team.  The legitimate responses were submitted both before and after that move and testing, so I didn't want to clear all responses.


Which URL could I share with you to troubleshoot?

@Christopher Hoard 

Hello Dear,

Could you help me please with my issue?

I am using Microsoft 365. I have set up a simple training survey form that works great. And After I viewed the 12 responses, I exported them to excel. But the result was unsatisfying, as some of the question's responses were vanished from the excel file!

There are like 4 questions out of 20 that were exported to the excel file but without their responses.

You can find attached the excel file.

Thank You in Advance.

Are the responses visible online in the form responses under View Results? Can you send a screenshot?

Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard 

Yes, dear, they are all visible online without any problems. Please see below the screenshot.

Thank You





In my experience, whilst I don’t read Arabic (so cannot be certain) the empty columns can be a case of renaming the question in the form - did you ever do this? Have you cross verified the information here with the excel?

A few options here would be

- populating the empty parts of the excel with the data from the online. This would be a manual process and not ideal
- raise a ticket to Microsoft support comparing the online screenshots to the excel
- reset the form and then have respondents resubmit their answers
- do a new form without changing the questions and getting responders to resubmit

I don’t think there is any way I know of to be able to autocorrect disparities in the online and exported excel versions outside of the four above

Best, Chris
Thank You for your kind cooperation.