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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Input lag on Forms Quiz Feedback

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Hi All, Teacher here. Physics & Computer Sci background so fine with tech. I've just run a form with 85 responses. It has 20 auto-marked multi-choice and then 4 text input fields that I am marking myself. The text is roughly 200-300 characters max. I wouldn't think it was a massive data file. The setup has worked great and I am mid way through grading the papers, however:

When I am typing feedback using the comment field (the little speech bubble) on the "review answers" area. There is a huge input lag of between 2-5 seconds. Longer text = more lag. A similar, sorter lag occurs when inputting the scores. It's quite frustrating to work with. I have troubleshooted on my end including trying on multiple devices, my colleague tried it a their home; all have the same issue.

Has anyone experienced this? Have any solutions? Can I feed this issue to MS somehow?

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Hi! I have experience the same issue, with two quizzes that were not massive data files. In fact, I am not currently experiencing that issue with the biggest file I have ever had. I have contacted Microsoft Education again and again, but they could not really find a reason. It was the same on every device, but only for those 2 quizzes. You can email Microsoft Education,  good luck! I was fairly useless, you get a reply days later.



How frustrating, but it helps to know someone else is having the same issue too!  I'll also pass it on to Microsoft Ed. I may try using the "Forms for excel" version (somehow a same but different app) as this comes with a real-time connected spreadsheet, which may be less laggy if I can run it on my PC. Will let you know if this makes any difference.




Hi, same thing here. Reported to Microsoft Forms team, scaled up 3 times, they can't find anything and blame it on the computer / antivirus / management. (we have the standard Microsoft security and Microsoft Intune management.)

If you have more then 30 questions then the lagging begins on most pc's. (An avarage test mostly uses 30-60 questions).

More questions: slower performance. This is definitely a programm error!

Even on a fast computer you can see a huge increase of processor use when you simply start typing in the feedback field.


@Johan68 Same! I did another one recently and had the exact same problem. It's frustrating cause it would be such a smooth package otherwise.

You're spot on, it can't be any of those things because I use multiple devices to access it too! My desktop, laptop and work iPad all have the same problem. I wonder if it's one of those deeply ingrained data handling issues that would require a complete restructure of the app.. Participants don't seem to have the problem; just me giving feedback. Idk how to get a Forms Dev to pay any attention!



Same. Super slow. And it isn't the computer I work on - it has 16GB RAM and super fast fibre to the house. The form filling is so slow, I have had to create a word doc with my sentences and replies so that I can copy and paste them in to the comment field. Massive error with the software and I don't understand why microsoft can't or haven't fixed it.


If I was to guess - I'd say the Form is automatically saving as I type. This could be rectified (if true) by automatically saving when the comment box has been completed or the user moves on to their next action instead.

@jaggy73 Yeah! Microsoft seem to be in denial about it as a problem, or just think that I'm some daft tech-illiterate. Either way I'm very surprised there's not a flood of complaints about this issue given recent times!! We can't be the only ones!


You're probably right. It feels like it's save/syncing the entire database of the form with every few characters I type; rather than just looking at that one field for updates. The amount of time it takes can be tens of seconds! (On a 3.2GHz multi core, that is an eternity of processing time!) Saving on exit from the box would be a good start, and also looking at how the database gets updated with each save. It can't be too hard to fix, assuming Microsoft employ some of the best data engineers and UI programmers out there!


If it's too tricky; I've got my summer vacation coming up and travel is off the cards. I'd happily take a look into fixing that software! Microsoft can you hear me? :cryingwithlaughter:

@PlumBobI have the same problem. About a half second lag but my test is only 20 questions long. I tried disconnecting from Wifi to see if it was the saving issue. Made no difference. It is excruciating.

So slow.  Prohibitively slow.  I'll have to switch back to google forms.  What a shame.  This obviously has nothing to do with the users computer.  As if they would suggest that.

Same here and just wanted to post this so Microsoft starts looking on this issue. 

@PlumBob We are experiencing the same issues, with several teachers trying to correct exams on Forms, but whose delays are unbearable. I publish this message so that Microsoft reacts quickly.