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Please can someone help. We are trying to deploy Teams with our school to enable remote learning. We have been setting quizzes to assess understanding using Forms. However, we are getting widely reported issues of images not displaying when added to a question. Retrying in Edge, Chrome may or may not fix the issue. I have refreshed or followed the links several times myself and sometimes they appear, sometimes they do not. We just get the eternal load or the broken image link. 

Is there anything we can do, is it certain types of pictures etc? We have tried uploading from our PC, using built in search. Its a real flaw at the moment because students quickly switch off when something is unreliable. It makes no difference if I open via teams in browser, desktop or online.  Thank you2020-03-31 (11).png2020-03-31 (7).png

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I have a similar behavior, as a workaround you can maybe provide the form direct link and students can fill it in their browser, just an idea.

@Danielrose66 Same problem here. A direct link to the form doesnt help. Please vote here end maybe they solve the issue:

We have the exact same issue, I've made a quiz as an example for Teachers so that they can provide quizzes for their students at home but we can not promote quizzes on MS Forms with this image loading problem still outstanding (for at least a couple of years!). All images are under 300k and we can never get 100% of the images to load.

Our school has found if students reload, get out, go back in it works.  I tried it and it did work, annoying but it is a work-a-round till the issue is resolved. 

@wmilson we know this workaround, but unfortunately it doesn't work most of the time. I hope there will be a solution soon, but the problem has been around since 2018 and a solution is not being worked on very quickly.

They should be able to right click on the image icon and choose load picture

@RSComputing They should be perhaps, but it is not actually working. We really tried everything, including this.

Have u solved your issue? I got the exact problems. Please kindly advise.

@Annamylee Unfortunately, there is still no solution. Apparently it doesn't have much priority, the problem has been around for years.

Same problem here, this doesn't help with a positive remote education experience.
Pictures won't load, refreshing or clicking 'load image' mostly doesn't work.  


The new scaling function for pictures auto-crops images every time I edit a question. The preview pane doesn't work there.


For now the only solution I see is not using images in Forms at all and link to pictures needed for a question when possible. Looking for another (privacy-approved) alternative meanwhile...  

@Danielrose66 I had this same problem. I tried uploading the image in Microsoft Edge from and it seems to have solved the issue. I can now see the image when I load the form in Edge or Chrome

Except they don't get to see an image icon.
Doesn't help if you've got the form from fellow subject teachers on TES/Twitter/Facebook etc who share the quiz with you.

Rather defeats the purpose of a cloud / networked system if you cannot share resources.