How to make a copy group form in Microsoft Forms for reusing

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I have created form for Office 365 group using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Forms. I want to know that how can make a copy group form in Microsoft Forms for the same Office 365 group so that I can alter some questions and rename the form and use for some another survey and all group members view questions and responses.

Is there any way to do this?

Otherwise I have to create the new form in the group




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If you're trying to copy a form, I think you answered your own question--you would need to remake the form from scratch in your new group.

Thanks for the reply. But I am trying to make a copy of form in the same group where I have created original form.




Unfortunately it looks like you're out of luck there, too, copying the Excel document behind the Form doesn't copy the Form along with it. Maybe Microsoft will get to that someday.

I had the same issue. Think I may have found the answer! If you click "Share" in the MS team tab with your form, there is a "Share as a Template" option. Follow this URL and select "Duplicate". This duplicates the form and it becomes a form in your personal Form library that you can re-use. Hope that helps





If you want the form to remain in the TEAMS group and be shared with others, then this is, unfortunately, no option.


Would like to have the duplicate form option in TEAMS aswell.

I have just succeeded in created copies of an existing Forms survey. Each MS 365 user has an own Forms account. You must access your Forms account where your existing forms are listed. Click the 3 dots on an existing form and select "Copy". A copy is created. Repeat until you have the number of copies you need. If you now access Forms from within the Team where you want to use these forms all of these copies will be listed and you can save them to the Team site. Then, rename etc.  

Such copied forms must be edited form within your Forms account. You cannot edit them within Teams. They are your "personal" files. So it seems.   

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Not sure how long this has been in place, but Forms can now be copied that belong to a Group. Under "Group Forms," drill down to a specific team view (you won't see the option while viewing "Recent Group Forms"), and click the three dots--you'll have your copy functionality there.

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For some reason this option isn't working for me, I get to all the steps, paste the url and select 'duplicate' - the page refreshes to 'My Forms' and the form hasn't been duplicated! So frustrating. I can't create a flow from Group Forms - I mustn't have the required permissions. Made the mistake of creating the form in the group. 


Do you know why the duplicate option isn't working?

This worked perfectly for me. Thanks Jerod

Topic is quite old, but I would like to share my experience while it's fresh.

Moving a personally owned form under a M365 group is possible. But my goal was to create 20+ duplicate forms that involves 76 questions with complex branching rules under separate teams (or M365 groups if you like). As you can imagine, creating such a form takes quite some efforts (especially branching). Creating 20+ of same is enormous work. 


I started with a mistake, by creating initial form under a team. When you create the form under a team Move option won't be available (learned the hard way :sad:). You can make duplicates under the team (with Copy), but moving outside the team is not possible. Best way I could come up with is to create the form under my work account (not under a group/team) and then make 20+ copies of same with Copy option. Then I moved them under respective team one by one, with Move option. 

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I can duplicate, but what then? I try pasting the link into a new browser tab, it appears. The Duplicate it button appears, but that only then duplicates to the same group you got it from. I want a copy in a different group! Any ideas?


I tested this few days later after my initial contribution to thread and duplicate method is by far the best method for copying a form cross group/personal spaces. 

As per my experience duplicate button duplicates the respectful form into your personal Forms space (not under a group), regardless of where the original form sits. Then in Forms site/portal, select ... next to the form and click on Move button; then you will be offered to pick from "list of teams that you are part of" and form will be moved there. 

Lifesaver! Thank you!!
This is a brilliant solution! Still valid 5 years later. Thanks @albert