how to import questions and answers from Excel to microsoft drive into microsoft forms

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I am a student and need to download country dropdown - list of countries. the professor said It should be pulled from an Excel file stored in OneDrive. When a country is selected in microsoft forms, the form should display a picture of a flag for this country. The form should display a picture from this flag CDN: I found and made an Excel document, but I don't know what to do next.

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@kofekot909 you can copy and paste the list from Excel: create a choice question, click in the first answer and then ctrl+v to paste in the list.


There is no facility in Forms to display the flag when a country is selected. For something like that you would need to build somenthing in Power Apps (as I did in the image below).




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@RobElliott  thanks for your reply! Could you tell me in more detail how you managed to implement what is done in the image below in the Power Apps?