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How to change the email address that is used to send the responses to in a form?

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Can I edit the email address that the responses go to? I have a user who created a form under their account but doesn’t want the responses to go to them but to a different email address. Can that be done? Thanks.

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Hi @cordovad 


You can't do that through forms as they are the creator and defaults to them when new responses are received, however you could set up something in Microsoft Flow (if you have access to it) that picks up when a response is made and emails the response to someone else.


It could look like:



Hope that makes sense?





Thank you Damien. I haven't played with Flow before. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Do you have to have Exchange Online? Currently, we are only on-premise with Outlook clients. Thanks again. 

Hi! What a great work around, thank you for sharing.


I am having issues with getting the responses to attach to the email notification - am I missing something on the 'Get Response Details' step?




If you don't have Exchange Online, you can't use the Outlook connector. But look for the Mail connector provided by PowerApps. You can use that to email people, even without a PowerApps license turned on for the recipients. 

Hi @Rachel Wedell 


Hope you are well.


Once you set up Get response details, you can insert the output form responses into the email body.


Here's one I did for my company.




Just click onto the body area, go to the Add dynamic content from the apps and connectors used in this flow, and click to insert that field into your email body.




That should do the trick! Run some tests first to ensure you are happy with it. Maybe use your email as the To so you can see the result.


Hope that helps?




One is glad to be of service! 


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Do you know if its possible to also add a link in the email that takes you back to the online form responses?


Hi @Pn1995 


Are you talking overall response summary or individual responses?


@cordovad, apologies, your original question is spawing other questions!!!

I just accomplished this using the SMTP Application instead of the email application provided in the thread,


You must use an authenticated account.  In our case we have a generic account designated for sending emails. 

@Damien Rosario Hi Damien, do you expect this this may be an option in the near future (to change the email the responses go to)?


Also, with Flow is it possible to have each response emailed off to a different person based off the response.  For example: I want the answers to be sent to the employee's supervisor after they respond. 


Thank you in advance!


Hi @jennifervan 


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As Forms and Forms Pro evolve, I'm sure we'll get more features for things like where responses can be redirected to, etc. @Yong Qiu may have more info on the topic.


To your other question, you could set up a Flow that sends the response/a notification to the employees supervisor.


Using the Responders' email from the Form that is filled in, place that into Get manager (V2). This will retrieve this persons Manager's details as listed against their O365 account.


Using the email from the Get manager (V2) connector, you could then have it as a CC in an email that Flow can send out.


Hope that all makes sense.


Best wishes


@Damien Rosario Hi Damien, due to the type of company we are. The manager often changes for each staff. We were hoping in the form they can select which department they belong to and the department field can direct the response to the corresponding supervisor.  In this case I wouldn't use the Get Manager function would I, or do I just put the departments (instead of respondents email) into the Get Manager ?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jennifervan 


In that case I'd use Case in Microsoft Flow which is essentially, if Department = IT, do this. If Department = Finance, do that, etc.


Looks something like this:




You can specify the equals attributes.


Hope that helps.




@Damien Rosario Thanks again for your response. This actually helped a lot, I was unaware of this function in Flow. 

@Damien Rosario 


In the Get response details the *Form id is the form being used? what goes in the *Response id?


Hi @DuncanP24166 


There's only one option for Response ID. Please see below.




Hope that helps?




It's ridiculous that someone has to set up a flow to just send the response to another email.  This is such a simple feature it is very disappointing that it isn't an "easy win" for the dev team to enable.  Guess I'm stuck with the clunky Survey app in sharepoint.  Too bad, Forms was looking good.

Hi @BrianSorrells


Forms is ever evolving so I'm sure we'll see some good things to come, but I agree it's a bit of a pain for now with regard to emails.


The Flow discussion above doesn't have to necessarily be used to just email someone else the responses, it can also be used to take those responses and drop them into SharePoint, or a file, and to have other workflows as well like a request/approvals process, and much more.


Flow and Forms have some great capabilities together.


Have a great week ahead!

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