How can I save a Microsoft Form response with questions?

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I would like to save all responses to a form I have created as individual files but also include the questions. I have had a play with flow but cannot get the flow to save the questions along with the response, is there a way to do this?

Many thanks for any help

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You can print a Form submission, questions and answers both, as a PDF through the Form application's "View Results" interface. I didn't see any obvious print to PDF solutions available through Flow for Forms, but I didn't look for very long.



Hi Matt,

Many thanks for your help. In our particular usage, a Form is completed and the completed form + questions is stored on file for each user. Yes can print to pdf, save and then delete the response in the Form however, would like to 'automate' the process and wondered if Flow could save a copy of a completed form with questions and responses. Like you, I could not find anything obvious when 'playing' with Flow.

Has anyone do something similar to this?


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Microsoft should definitely do this--how Forms was intended to serve Educational tiers first is beyond me without something like that--but in the meantime (unless I missed something), I think using exported responses in Excel and using Mail Merge to get a document mimicking the individual q/a sheet is the best option you have. It's not automated per se, but it's way better than creating individual PDFs.


*Edit, unless I'm mistaken, Mail Merge will let you save directly to PDFs.

I was searching the internet trying to find a way to link-to or output a form response, in its totality, with questions and answers both... and was very disappointed to find that this is not possible. I agree that this is a basic function that seems like it should be a default option. In Sharepoint, every single item seems to be able to be individually linked to... the fact that I cannot link to an individual form response makes it so that running an approval flow on a form requires mocking up the entirety of the form in the email... it is inelegant to say the least and it should be built in.

I'm less surprised at the lack of individual response links, given that Forms is Excel-backed; all the Forms Response sheet does is read through rows. An item is fundamentally different, as it's a unique web object and it's part of a true database where Excel is not a database. If Forms were backed by a List, we'd be having a different conversation.

I am having this same problem.

My current solution is creating a flow to export responses and send an email when the response is submitted. The email includes questions and answers. You wouldn't need the part where it creates an item on sharepoint. It could be just get response details, send an email.


I'm trying to figure out how I could get the response details and then send an email with the answers as an attachment - but this way works for the time being.




@Justin Jones wondering if you were ever able to resolve this.  I have a possible solution and was able to inspect the API request during design time that gets the questions text and ID's.  I just cant figure out how to get the access token as it won't accept the regular forms token.  The API call looks like this

I agree there should be a simple way within Forms to do this but I've not been able to find one. What I do is export the response to Excel, create a second spreadsheet, and then copy the data in the questions row of the Forms response spreadsheet into a column in the new spreadsheet (using the transpose option of paste special) and copy the data in the responses row into another column in the new spreadsheet via transpose. Then I save the new spreadsheet as a PDF.

Hi @Matt Coats 

If I have 100 responses, how can I save all the form response with questions in one shot? Or do I save them one by one? I can't seem to find that option. Thanks in advance.

@Mimi_Mohamed There is an excel sheet you can download with all the questions and answers. You could create a mail merge for a word doc if you need individual files.