Having read only access to a group form in Forms

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 Is it really not possible to add a form to a group and restrict access to group members as read only/fill-able rather than full owner access?

If so is it possible for this feature to be added, member/owner/guest form access permissions.

As it stands anyone in a public folder has the ability to make changes to a distributed form and also share it for co-editing access. As an added issue the form does not seem to be able to be returned to a user private form or moved to a private group. 

I have already had a response from a member of the MSTech community who advised me that it cannot be done, so i am hoping this reaches someone who is able to add this feature into MSForms.

If anyone has any ideas feel free to reply to the post and we'll see how we go.

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@J_Porter I am having the same frustration. My colleagues are accidentally editing the form, and thus messing it up. They need to be able to fill out the form, but I need the form itself to not be edited by anyone but me. Arrrgh!!