Getting info from MS Forms as email in addition to populating an excel.. How to

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I have a sharepoint page with embedded form and its used to make referrals for a clinic. The info on the forms really needs to go 2 places ( at least) afterwards

  1. To populate an excel ( this bit is happening ok) 
  2. That form info needs to come in a readable format ( so not excel) to the people doing the clinic 

I'm not a techie but need to get some advice to sort this so hope someone can guide me 

Thanks muchly in advance 



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Maybe you can tell us what kind of readable format you want, and I can see if there are any relevant solutions that can meet your requirements.

Thanks @Dingkun Xie
What I would need is the information in an outline like the actual form so either each question with its answer or a pdf of the same.
Is that possible?
The excel is just not helpful
Ask any further questions for clarity

@DeniseHD the best way to do this is with a flow Power Automate which will send an email to the people running the clinic with the questions and the answers as each form is submitted. It doesn't have to be a complex flow, something like the following simple example:




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Thank you for the information. Forms does not currently provide a feature that allows you to automatically generate the format you need for responses, but we can manually generate a PDF format for each submitted data using the following steps -


1. Navigate to "Responses" view and click "View results" button.




2. Click navigation button to select the response you want to export as PDF.



3. Click "More options for Responses" button and select "Print response".




4. Select "Save as PDF" and click "Save" button to export as PDF file.



Another approach is to leverage the Power Automate tool to help you automatically create a PDF for each row (response data) in an Excel workbook that is synced with your form's response data, you can refer to this thread for the details of how it works -





Thanks very much for this
I will check out if Power automate is a feature available within the organization but if not then I can manage the other method of getting the pdf
Huge thanks for taking the time to help me . You've been brill