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Anonymous poll is a very common scenario we have in our school(and I believe it is for every school), but currently we can't use Forms to do it because in Forms anonymity means: 1. You can't limit who can vote, 2. You can't limit how many votes a user can cast.


Please make it possible to conduct anonymous polls where voters can be authenticated with their Office 365 account, thanks.

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Hi Henry, If you click on the "Send" button, at the bottom of the "Send" panel, we have a setting area. You could select "Only people in my organization", and uncheck "Record the names of responders". Then only teachers & students in your school could vote for it, and also we won't record their names. You could also click "See all settings", after check option "allow only one response per person" could limit the response. I hope that could help you finish your school voting.

Hi Zhongzhong, thank you for your response. I know that setting, but once you uncheck "Record the names of responders", the option to limit one response per user is gone too. That's not going to help in a voting scenario where you certainly want only one vote per user. Or is it a bug that's only affecting me?


And by saying "limit who can vote", I mean we should be able to limit voters to a specific group, e.g. students from grade 9. You can't accomplish this now can you?



Hi Henry,

You're right.
If you cancel the "Record the names of responders", the option to limit the response will be disabled. I will check with the team to see if we could improve it.

For "limit the people in a specific group", it is in our backlog.
BTW, could you help me know that how frequent do you have voting within a group in school? Is there any tool / product you are using now?

Thanks for acknowledging this.


We do have several voting events each year, now mostly done on paper because we couldn't find a proper electronic tool that accomplish the things we want. I see potential in Microsoft Forms in that it already supports authentication with O365 account, so I'm now driving adoption among teachers.


We are also using SurveyMonkey(and other online services) for online surveys and quizes, but apparently they are not integrated with O365 so we plan to move those to Forms as it matures a little bit.

Hello Zhongzhong,

I am also having troubling finding a poll that is anonymous and limits one vote per person. Have you contacted your team about this issue? Was there any improvement?

I am too interested in a solution for the same reason...

I would like the ability to:
1. Make anonymous response
2. Limit to one vote per person
3. Record who but not how they voted

Any solution?, another issue is the question limit, 10 per question and there is a limit per survey base on each question.