Forms reporting Correct quiz answers as Incorrect


I made a simple quiz as a demo and the Response page is contradicting itself:


On the Responses page it shows 100% incorrect for my sample question.

2018-06-22 15_22_04-Microsoft Forms.png

However on the More Details page it clearly shows one answer as correct.

2018-06-22 15_22_48-Microsoft Forms.png


I do not know what I could have done, but this did not support my case for using Forms to create assessments over our current system.

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Hi John


Are you able to please show a screen shot of the question itself in the editable Form (also shows the answer you have specified)? Example below.






I tried putting in upper and lower case as answer options, but the form only allows one entry based on case. I assumed this was intentional.2018-06-26 07_55_35-Microsoft Forms.png



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Hi John


I have done some testing as well as you are right in that even with the right answer (it's not case sensitive), it still shows as 0% of respondents has answered correctly.


It looks like a bug and needs to be reported on UserVoice if it hasn't been already by someone else (I have just logged the issue now).


Otherwise it is definitely recording that the answers are correct so technically it's calculating the scores right, it's just your Responses tab view is not reflecting the % of correct respondents.


Forms is in the very early days of its life so there's room for improvement and fixes. Like anything it will evolve over time.


Hopefully this helps explain the issue.


Good luck pal.