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I used Forms Pro (Preview) to create 2 forms and internal workflows within our company. Now that it's in trial mode, I mistakenly opted out, thinking I could just recreate the forms in MS Forms. Besides, the warning message indicated I could rejoin the trial at any time before my 90 days was up. 


Since doing that I discovered I no longer have any access to my Forms Pro forms, just the responses, which is only slightly helpful. When I try to rejoin the trial, I get a message stating that I already have a Forms Pro license. But I still can't access my Forms Pro forms. 


Any advise on how to access my Forms Pro forms before my trial period is up so that I can fix what is now totally broken? Ugh. 

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A few questions

1.) Can you confirm the trial licence is assigned to your user in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre? This would be selecting your user under Active Users and viewing the licences

2.) How did you create the forms? Through the Forms Portal, or through another App like Teams?

3.) Where are you going to get the responses? Again in the Forms portal, or in OneDrive or SharePoint on an excel?

Look forward to hearing from you

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


1) Unfortunately I cannot as I don't have admin access to our corporate O365 tenant.

2) I created the forms through the Forms Portal.

3) If I go to the Forms Portal and click on one of my Forms Pro forms, I get an option to export the responses. However, I can't access the form itself. However, I did recently notice that where I've embedded these forms in SharePoint, the forms still work. So that's something. I can use that information to recreate the forms in regular Microsoft Forms now. Just wish there had been a less jarring transition.

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Ok! Yes, what you said in option 3 is a workaround I would have suggested! However I am curious to find out.

- Do you get the same issue if you login through this URL

- In the left hand corner of the screen in the Forms portal does it say Forms or Forms Pro Preview when it throws the error

The fact you can see the Forms through SharePoint suggest they still exist. However it also sounds very much like it could be licensing because surveys in Pro are actually different from standards Forms. It makes sense that when you come out of the trial and the trial licence is revoked you can no longer access them.

But I have another idea to see the licence as it were. If you login to 365 and go to your user account in top right there is s licence section. Is Forms Pro trial listed there?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Hah - I had tried rejoining the trial several times this morning and it always took me back to the Forms Portal where it didn't show FormsPro and although my forms were visible, I couldn't access them. However, I just followed your link and, bam, I'm in Forms Pro again with a trial. I guess it just took some time?


Thanks for your help. I think I'm all good now.