Forms not loading in Teams

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Is anyone experiencing the constant Loading page but never having the form load when added as a tab in Teams?



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I'm having the same issue.

I am not having the issue, my test form has loaded quickly in my test team, tested this in the app (Version (64 bit). ) and via the web browser (running in Microsoft Edge)



Hi Daniel, I'm Developer from Microsoft Forms team, we are aware of this issue that Forms Fill page in Teams Tab keeps spinning , currently we are working on a fix for this . Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue . I will notify you once the fix is deployed.

Hi James, the spinning page issue hits only Fill Form pages, Edit and View result pages still work fine.

Hi Kai,
Thanks for the reply, yes I now get the spinning wheel when adding a personal form. 
My test form was added directly as a tab as a Group Form.


As small work around if anyone needs to gets the forms to display, you can copy the link and add it as a "Website tab".



Hi Daniel, we have deployed the fix for this issue, could you please try to see if this issue has been resolved? Thanks.

Thank you Kai.  It is resolved!

Hi I have tried to load forms both yesterday and today and I am still only seeing the spinning loading page.

This started happening for me today.  The form just spins.  I can access the form from inside my organization, as can other Team members within my organization.  Those outside the the organization who are invited to the Team cannot complete the survey.  They see the tab, but it just spins and never loads

this was happening for me too, and was fixed after I added the form in as a direct webpage and then signed-in to Forms. So.... it might be that Teams cannot handle signing in to Forms for the first time, but once it is signed in it is fine. Not a great user experience...

I still experience this issue... Are you sure the fix is working?

Hi Robin, what Teams client are you using that had the loading issue? 

That would be the latest mobile version on Android. The desktop works fine...
Confirmed with Teams mobile team, they had recently enabled in-app tab opening experience, which broke the Forms tab alone with some other tabs, They are aware of the issue and will provide a fix soon.

Any ETA on the fix for this, about to start a PoC about Teams on Mobile and all the feedback forms now dont load on Mobiles.



I am experiencing the same outage. Please do let us know if there is an ETA. 

Hi @Sam-Gamma  and @RomanWilson , Teams has release a update for this issue, we will be able to integrate and verify the fix in 2 days, and then update you the ETA. 




Good news! I'm eagerly awaiting this fix! Fingers crossed!

@Kai ZhangAny news on when we can expect the fix for this?