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I am a teacher, and I use MS Forms for quizzes and some tests. Recently, I hit a wall because I had too many Forms and couldn't create another one. I didn't know that there was a limit, but even after I deleted old quizzes, it still wouldn't allow me to create more. I finally figured out that I had to clear the recycling bin in Forms before I could create more.


But, does anyone know what the limit is for the number of Forms? Is it determined by the amount of storage my district has purchased? I want to impart this information to the rest of the teachers in my district. 

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@LHorn111 - 200 Forms as an individual


The first question in the FAQ should be able to answer your question.

@Sai Gutta 


I have read all the FAQs and other resources I can find, but my organization needs to create more than the 400 Forms. Can we get a license to exceed the 200 per user and 200 per group (400 Total)? Is there anyone at Microsoft that can answer this for me? It's important for deciding how to implement a project I am working on.





Hi @Deleted,

You can. Every individual can create 200 forms in addition to the 200 forms you can create in a shared hold when you create an Office 365 group.

So, lets say you have 10 people and 2 Teams (2 office 365 groups) then that is 2400 (2000 personal and 400 group forms) so there should be plenty of room for the forms you need depending on where you hold the forms.

You just need to be aware of the individual limits for users and groups. This applies to all of the following licences

Office 365 Commercial licenses
> Office 365 Business Essentials
> Office 365 Business Premium
> Office 365 Business
> Office 365 ProPlus
> Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E5 plans

This would apply to the Microsoft 365 licences too.


Hope that helps

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  THANK YOU!!!!!!!