Forms is not pulling email information

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I have created a form in FORMS and can open the results in Excel. Is the email of the responder not automatically captured? The excel file has a column for email and name (that i didn't have on my form so i guess it was automatically added?) but the email column just says ANONYMOUS.  I am sending the form specifying Anyone receiving this link can respond.


Where do the columns for Email and Name that are on the Excel sheet come from?

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Those come from selecting "People in the organization can respond" option. When you do anyone, there is no way for forms to tell who is responding to the response, You need to manually collect that information when using anyone.

If you use the company only option then it will log who is responding.

i tested that 'Only to' when I sent one to myself and it still did not populate those two rows. 

The setting saves as soon as you save it, make sure you leave the option when you test that link or it won't work, you can't change, send and then change it back and fill out it won't work. You have to keep that setting changed as it changes real time, the URL actually doesn't change, it uses the same one so, soon as you change it and hit preview you can then see if it populates. If it doesn't then you'll have to call support, but my gut says, you changed it, sent and changed it back before you submitted your response from the e-mail.