Forms - is currently not accepting response... Why??

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I created a document in Forms and posted it to Teams.  It is no longer accessible- response is "Forms is currently not accepting responses".  I don't see where I can set a time limit for responses.  please help

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@MargorieSSASI hope you resolved this all those months ago but, for anyone else faced with this problem, now:

Did you copy another questionnaire, which had an end date set? If so, go to Settings and change the end date. Hope that works for you :)

Worked - once I read your suggestion I thought - how did I overlook that 101 LOL

@Justworkingitout Thanks so much for this!  The other advice responses from different posts kept telling me to "save" the form, but since it autosaves, I had no idea what they were talking about.  Didn't even know or check for an expiration date on the form.  Thanks again for this clear and fast answer.  Got it fixed!

Thank you, you saved me a massive headache! I didn't even think to look at the previous date range