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Please help! I am new to this community and in need of support. I have created a Form that will submit responses to an excel spreadsheet. From this excel spreadsheet, I am looking for it to automatically send data to a specific person. For example, if Sally completes the form, I'd like Sally's parent to be emailed. If Jimmy submits the form, Jimmy's parent is emailed. I know that this can be done, just stuck on how to do it.

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Hi Jennifer, integration with Excel is currently under development. Adding @Nakul Madaan from the Forms team to help provide additional insight. 




Hi Jennifer , Thanks for taking the time and sharing your scenario list. Sharing of Form and Responses are currently at the top of our todo list. Would you be interested to have a skype call with us, it will be very useful for us to get detailed understanding of your form sharing scenarios and requirements.

From the spreadsheet this could be done with mail merge, but of course the setup of tht would still be manual. An automated piece would be nice, just wanting to throw out the obvious since that is what i normally overlook.

This is a feature that I would like to see to.  I have previously used Google Forms, Sheets and Docs to do exactly what is being asked for here.  Organising all this is an addon called 'autocrat' which is in the Sheets document.  I use this for gaining feedback on new students to my school from their previous teachers.  I am happy to continue using this Google feature, but my school is really pushing the use of Office365 so it would be great it this development could be made to Excel.  Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Very exciting @Nakul Madaan and @Lana O'Brien! I current use Google Forms + Form Publisher for a range of workflows. Having forms do something similar with Excel/mail integration would be brilliant. I cannot wait for our skype call Nakul!

Has this been developed?  We could use it.

Has this moved along any further than this.   It's an app we could make use of.

We are very interested in figuring out how to take information from a Form and having it emailed to an employee.

It is available under 3 dot menu, settings, and the last option

This just sends the creator an email that the form was completed.  Would also Like the ability to send and email to a teacher once I finish their Informal Observaition with a copy of the filled out form.  :)  This would be a game changer.  

Jeanine - that is exactly what I need!

In theory this can be done with Flow.  I have tested it and it did work as you desire, but getting it to replicate successfully every time the form is filled out has been hit or miss.  Still plan to go back and play with it some more sometime soon.  


Check out this link.  There are variations of this exact template that should meet your need.  As for stability, I cannot verify completely.


Thank you, playing with it now.