Form for multiple entries over weeks with multiple users

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I want to create a form where each user completes the form and the data populates a particular column and/or row of the spreadsheet.


In an effort to minimize user error is it possible to send the same form each week over ten weeks but cause the form to populate different columns/rows/tabs based on who the user is using email address and the date the form is filled out?

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@brainstewn Forms certainly has no functionality to do anything like that. You would probably need to build a flow in Power Automate with a link to the form. You'd either have one flow per week or have a separate flow for each week. You could set it going automatically with a recurrence schedule trigger. But then you'd have to work out whether the flow was saving all the responses into the smae spreadsheet or have a separate spreadsheet for each week then merge them. Not simple.


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