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I created a form that accepts image uploads from users submitting the form. Recently, a lot of my users have been saying the form is not letting them upload images. They are getting this error: failed to upload your file.


I'll try to get one of them to give me a screenshot, but they duplicated it in front of me with their machine. The images are of the correct type (jpg), of the correct size (<100 MB), and of the correct quantity (<7 files).


There is no power automate flow log errors to look through because the error occurs before they're able to actually submit the form. They've tried logging out and logging back in, clearing history/cookies, clearing cache, and even using different browsers. 


Any tips on where I can start troubleshooting? Thanks



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@jdoria I have the same issue. at this point it might be windows being funny

@jdoria this happened to us last year when we changed the unique company ID of all our staff which caused an issue with personal forms as I was the owner and it caused an issue with OneDrive where the file was saved to. Deleting the file upload question and re-adding it fixed the problem. Now we make sure that all forms are saved as group forms, not personal forms, and the attachment is therefore uploaded to a SharePoint document library in the group site.


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Came to say that I was having this same issue with a user in my organization. I duplicated the form and it was able to upload but the user wanted to fix the original form because the link for it had already been shared.

So, after reading your post I followed suit and duplicated the questions that asked for a file to be uploaded. This worked and the new questions was accepting uploads. Thank you.
Feel free to send me the form ID or link via private message. I can then review the telemetry data on our backend and provide you with assistance.

I am having the same issue. No one whom I shared the survey form is able to upload the file. Can you help me with this?

You can send me a private message containing your form link or ID. If you've already tried uploading the form from your end and it failed, I can help investigate the issue by checking the telemetry from our backend server.
I suggest you try to recreate the questions. Just copy and paste it and delete the original.
If that doesn't work, try recreating the form. If not then I don't know.
This is super helpful and solved my problem. My only follow up question- how do I save it as a "group form" instead of a personal form? I'm not seeing this option.